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Breakfast Menu

Grits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits

Orange juice, coffee, water

Condiments: shredded cheese, syrup, jelly

$15.00 Per Person





$16.00 Per Person

$22.00 Per Person

$28.00 Person

Choose any 5 Items

Choose Any 5 Items

Choose any 5 Items

Barbecue meatballs

Boneless wings

Stuffed mushrooms

Salsa shooter

Guacamole shooter

Shrimp puffs

Spinach dip

Buffalo chicken dip

Deviled eggs

Fruit tray

Pasta salad

Buffalo chicken eggrolls

Spinach puffs

Brie bites

Fruit shooter

Hot chicken sliders

Swedish meatballs

Shrimp deviled eggs

Crab dip (hot)

Chicken salad (contains nuts)

Shrimp & chicken pasta salad

Seafood deviled eggs

Spinach and crab dip

Fried grits and shrimp

 Grilled beef skewers

 Grilled chicken sliders

Seafood salad

Buffalo chicken meatballs

Salmon sliders

Wedge salad skewers

Chicken & waffles

Charcuterie - Minimum purchase 50 Cups

Charcuterie is served in a 6 oz cup, delivered as a drop off and displayed on a table for self-service.

$3 per serving to upgrade from a cup to a box with a clear lid.


Assorted cheeses, fruit, crackers, aromatics, jam and nuts


Prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, assorted cheese, fruit, crackers, aromatics, jam and nuts